Why choose Markham Dental Group?

What makes Markham Dental Group so special is our combination of Orthodontics, prosthodontics, general, cosmetic,  Implant & reconstructive dentistry. We have orthodontic and prosthodotic specialists as wells general dentists to take care of all your needs. The service we provide is holistic covers almost all fields of dentistry - that makes us a dental practice for every family with or without special dental needs.


Availability and convenience

We value and respect our patient's time - because of that we offer convenient evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. Our fully computerized charting and scheduling system allows for swift and smooth appointments.


Top-of-the-line equipment

Our office only uses the very best equipment available in the dental and orhtodontic industry. This is true for little things like elastic bands for orthodontics as well as our dental chairs and our digital Sirona x-ray machines.

Our Sirona digital x-ray machine takes your x-rays with the absolute minimum amount of radiation required and produces digital images viewable on any computer.

Our paperless dental software supports digital charting as well as digital case analysis for orthodontics.